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Subcommittee on Stable Isotope Reference Material Assessment

Chairman: Dr Willi A. Brand

Secretary: Dr Manfred Gröning


Michael Berglund
John Karl Böhlke
Tyler B. Coplen
Tiping Ding
Thomas Prohaska

Ronny Schönberg
Jochen Vogl
Robert D. Vocke
Jochen Vogl
Thomas R. Walczyk

Current Projects
2009-027-1-200 – Assessment of Stable isotopic Reference and Inter-Comparison Materials

Subcommittee's Aims
The Subcommittee on Stable Isotope Reference Material Assessment is a subcommittee of CIAAW.  It consists of a group of experts in isotope mass spectrometry, statisticians, and measurement scientists who are concerned with the measurement of isotopic abundances and variations of those abundances in natural materials.  As such, it furnishes the technical expertise to the Commission, the Inorganic Division, and IUPAC on the isotopic compositions of isotopic reference materials. The objective of this subcommittee is to evaluate published, peer-reviewed measurements and assess the validity of new results as a means to establish new values for the scientific community.


2010 Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights | a commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry