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    CIAAW members

    The current list of CIAAW members is in effect for 2022-2023. The Commission can be contacted via its Secretary by email to secretariat (at) ciaaw.org.

    Dr. Johanna Irrgeher
    The University of Leoben (Austria)

    Dr. Jochen Vogl
    Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

    Titular members

    Dr. Philip J. H. Dunn
    LGC Limited
    (United Kingdom)

    Prof. Harro A. J. Meijer
    University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

    Dr. Antonio Possolo
    National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)

    Dr. Jun Wang
    National Institute of Metrology (China)

    Associate members

    Federica Camin
    International Atomic
    Energy Agency (Austria)

    Dr. Juris Meija
    National Research Council Canada (Canada)

    Prof. Thomas Prohaska
    The University of Leoben

    Prof. Yoshio Takahashi
    University of Tokyo

    Honorary members

    Dr. Tyler B. Coplen
    United States Geological Survey (USA)

    Dr. Norman E. Holden
    Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA)

    Dr. Tiping Ding
    Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (China)

    The Commission chooses its own members according to the IUPAC Bylaws (Section 3.3) and the election results are formally approved by the IUPAC Bureau or Executive Committee. National Representatives are proposed to CIAAW by the IUPAC National Adhering Organizations and are subject to approval by CIAAW and by the IUPAC Bureau.

    Members of the Atomic Weights Commission at the 2019 biennial meeting in Germany

    BAM, J. Päpke

    The 2019 Atomic Weights Commission biennial meeting in Germany (front row, from left) Juris Meija (Chair), Jochen Vogl, Johanna Irrgeher, (second row, from left) Thomas Prohaska (Secretary), Tyler Coplen, Jun Wang, (third row, from left) Thomas Walczyk, Bob Vocke, Philip J.H. Dunn, (fourth row, from left) Jan Kaiser, Harro A.J. Meijer, Shigekazu Yoneda, (fifth row, from left) Yoshio Takahashi, Heiko Moossen, Antonio Possolo, (sixth row) Manfred Gröning

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