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    Nickel Isotope Materials

    Isotopic variation among major inorganic compartments of nickel is very small, vanishing in the measurement uncertainty of 0.1–0.2 ‰ for δ60/58NiSRM986 values. As a consequence, nickel has been used rarely in stable isotope studies. The majority of reports on nickel isotopes have focused on radiogenic isotope studies, on nutrition studies, and some on mass-dependent isotopic fractionation studies.

    δ60/58Ni Values of Reference Materials

    Name Material δ60/58NiSRM986
    NIST SRM 986elemental Ni 0 ‰*
    Name Material δ60/58NiSRM986

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    * Exact value defining the δ60/58NiSRM986 scale.
    The values listed in this table are compilation and are not necessarily CIAAW recommendations.


    W.A. Brand et al
    Assessment of international reference materials for isotope-ratio analysis Pure and Applied Chemistry 86, 425-467 (2014)